winmt is a tape manipulation utility, 
  which will be usefull to do the following tape operations.

  weof/eof    Write  EOF marks at current position.

  wset        Write  setmarks at current position.

  fsf         Forward space  files. The tape is positioned
              on the first block of the next file.

  bsf         Backward space  files. The tape is positioned
              on the last block of the previous file.

  fsr         Forward space  records.

  bsr         Backward space  records.

  fss         Forward space  setmarks.

  bss         Backward space  setmarks.

  rew         Rewind the tape.

  eject       Unload the tape.

  retension   Adjusts the tension by moving the tape to the end
              of the tape and back to the beginning.

  eod         Space to end of valid data.

  status      Print status information about the tape unit.

  erase       Erases the tape from the current position to the
              end of the current partition.

  srterase    Writes an end-of-data marker
              at the current position.

  setblk      Set the block size of the drive to 
              bytes per record.

  lock        Locks the tape ejection mechanism so that
              the tape is not ejected accidentally.

  unlock      Unlocks the tape ejection mechanism.

  load        Loads the tape.

  compression The compression within the drive can be switched
              on or off using parameter value [1|0]

  read        Read  length data from tape.

  write       Writes param string to tape.


  Use the included visual studio solution file(winmt.sln).


   winmt [-h|--help] -f   [count | string]

   commands  :   weof, wset, eof, fsf, bsf, fsr, bsr, fss, bss, rew,
                 eject, retension, eod, status, erase, srterase, setblk,
                 lock, unlock, load, compression, read, write.